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Sales in Givat sharett, Beit Shemesh area



*יום מכירה *תמורה מוצהרת ישוב שטח חדרים
20/05/2015 1,037,000 ₪ בית שמש 63 3.0
04/06/2015 1,565,000 ₪ בית שמש 100 4.0
14/05/2015 900,000 ₪ בית שמש 81 3.0
21/06/2015 900,000 ₪ בית שמש 67 3.0
22/06/2015 1,050,000 ₪ בית שמש 116 6.0
30/07/2015 980,000 ₪ בית שמש 74 3.0
13/08/2015 1,000,000 ₪ בית שמש 82 4.0
17/08/2015 965,000 ₪ בית שמש 63 3.0
12/11/2015 920,000 ₪ בית שמש 63 3.0
06/12/2015 990,000 ₪ בית שמש 67 3.0


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Rentals and Sales info.

According to Justice Minister Ayelet  Shaked, rent control is an awful idea considering in Europe its effect on housing causes a rise in pricing. Private homes being used as business offices may not have effected price rising in Beit Shemesh but other parts of Israel, it has.

One serious cause for  shortage in residential apartment buildings is the usage of these properties as offices according to Shlomo Ben –Eliyahu Construction Ministry director-general.He said the next government will impose penalties on both tenants and local authorities that don’t crack down.

Tal Alderoti, Justice Ministry’s chief government assessor does not recommend regulators intervene in this branch.

Rental in Beit Shemesh

183-sq.m., 6 room home, in Givat Sharett was rented out for 6,000 NIS

Sale in Beit Shemesh

183 sq.m.,  6 rooms, Hachavatzelet street, 2,050,000 NIS

67 sq.m., 3 rooms, Bar Ilan street, 2nd floor, 990,000 NIS

Rental in Jerusalem

142-sq.m., six room house with a storage room on Mishul Haozrad St. in Ramot was leased for NIS 6,500 per month

Sale in Jerusalem

A 68-sq.m. Three-room, third floor apartment with an elevator and no parking on Bialik St. in Beit Hakerem was sold for NIS 1.6 million. A 111-sq.m.

An 84-sq.m., 3.5-room, ground floor apartment with no elevator and no parking on Revadim St. in Arnona was sold for NIS 2.47 million.