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Ramat Eshkol Neighborhood

This neighborhood is named after the Prime Minister  Levi Eshkol. In 1968, shortly after the Six Day War the area was built. The site of the neighborhood was once a battleground  between Jordan and Israel.

While the population of Ramat Eshkol was once predominantly secular, in recent years it has attracted the religious English-speaking families.

This home is a semi – detached cottage at about 350 meters on 3 levels. Each level has 4-5 rooms with separate entrances.  There is private parking along with a wrap around garden. This home can be rented out or redesign to your taste. There are many possibilities and an interior designer is recommended so that one can use all its living space efficiently.

The living room windows are large facing a breathless view .The best spot for enjoying the view is  from the rooftop.

What is unique about this home is its location, warm vibes and potential to be renovated the way a buyer would like.



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