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The information below is general information to guide you through the rental search. If you have specific questions ask your real estate agent or your lawyer.

In Israel you can buy a basic contract in stationery stores .Your landlord may present you with a contract that he drew up with his lawyer.  Take into consideration that the contract will be in Hebrew.

 A real-estate lawyer will charge you to translate and go over a rental contract with you in detail.  However you can ask a relative / friend who speaks good Hebrew to go over the contract with you but realize that there may be some points and nuances that they may miss.

A rental contract is a legally binding document. Be certain that you understand what’s covered in the rental agreement. Ask questions before signing a lease. 

Points to look out for:

Rental fee per month?

Method of payment, frequency (monthly, quarterly etc.)?

Cheques made out to the Water Company, Gas Company, and local municipality – in the event utilities are left unpaid these cheques may be used to cover the debt.
Guarantees – this could be in the form of a cash deposit, a bank guarantee or two guarantors.

At what point will the guarantee be returned to you and under what conditions?

Make sure that the length of the lease is written into the rental contract, together with the start and end dates and the total number of months.

Options for long term?

Some landlords will grant an option but provide that during the option period the rental fee may be increased.

If the property is sold during the course of the contract you must have the option to remain in the property until the end of the lease period.

Vad habayit cost (house committee) –

Verify who can live in the apartment with you – roommates, visitors, pets?

Who is liable for repairs and what type of repairs would you be liable for?

List contents and condition of any furniture, appliances, light fittings or other items that come with the apartment

Cosmetic changes – painting, hanging pictures or shelves etc.  Are you allowed to make any?

Check plumbing, gas and electrical – flush all toilets, open all taps, check that there is hot water, switch on all lights, check all appliances in working order.

Take meter readings – water and electricity – take photos of the readings.

Who is responsible for the cost of cable and internet?

If there is a garden, who is responsible for maintenance?

If you are looking for rental properties (or have a property to rent out) in Beit Shemesh, Ramat Beit Shemesh or Jerusalem, please contact us for further information.