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Israelis switch to online food shopping during wave of attacks

By Ilanit Hayut


The current wave of terrorist attacks has officially hit supermarket sales. Nielsen figures show that consumers bought 7 percent less food and groceries during the first two weeks of October as more Israelis choose to stay home because of the security situation.

Online sales,however, rose by double digits. But their jump did not suffice to make up for the overall gap from the drop in store sales. In that same period, online orders increased 30%.

The increase focused on several categories frequented by parents of young children and on perishable goods. For example, sales of baby formula jumped 151%.

The ongoing produce shortage, which was strongly felt during Succot, and the high prices of vegetables have also affected sales.

Sales of fruit and vegetable dropped (21%), as did cottage cheese (17.8) and bread (12.6%).

Other products that recorded a notable drop included dairy (6.5%), packaged salads (5.5%), oil and vinegar (6.2%) and fresh milk (5.5%).

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More three-room apartments were started in January-June 2015 than in all of 2014