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Tips on how to keep your home warm in the winter

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Use heavy curtains to stop heat escaping from your windows

Heat escaping from your home in the winter is from uncovered windows. Heavy, lined curtains which extend below the window frame will insulate your windows and help keep the warmth in. You can even make your own. All you need is a sewing machine or borrow one.

Seal up cracks and gaps around doors and windows,  cracks in the walls . One can use a simple door snake for the bottom of the door.

A great way to keep the heat where you want it is to keep the doors to your living space closed. And if your heating system will let you, turn it off in empty rooms.

Warm yourself rather than your whole house. A warm pair of ugg boots and a snug sweater (or a snuggly thermal) could save you hundreds in heating and energy bills!

It’s intuitive, but fluffy blankets should be closer to your skin. Thin, dense blankets should be on top to prevent convective heat loss. Bonus tip: Don’t put your bed directly against an exterior wall. You’ll be warmer if you leave a little space.

If you’re already interested in composting, here’s another reason to do it: The microbial breakdown of organic material produces heat. Some people use it to warm up showers and greenhouses, but even small-timers in studio apartments can feel a difference.


Use light-emitting diode — or “LED” — holiday light strings to reduce the cost of decorating your home for the winter.

When you are home and awake, set your thermostat as low as is comfortable. Last year the electric company recommended to keep heating at 24. Carpeting is also a great item to have in very open spaces. Purchase foam padding to put between your flooring and carpet.

Here in Israel, we use boilers that should have a water filter .

If you do not have a water filter system in your home then it is best to have your boiler checked once a year to prevent accumulation of sedimentary in the boiler system.

In the winter when there is no sun one is required turning on the boiler . If your boiler is clean then the electric switch will warm up the water faster.


We put in a timer to avoid forgetting to shut off the switch so we don’t waste electricity. It also prevents burning out any parts in the boiler.

Got any other ideas of your own?IMG_20151209_111810 (599x800)


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